Lancera’s 5D Methodology



Before we start designing your new website, we need to learn about your desired goals and preferences. Each website is unique, so are the needs and requirements. Through brainstorm, research, and combining your needs with our technical knowledge, we can create a solid, executable plan to align expectations, educate each other, define features and scope, and outline cost and duration. This step ensures that both parties understand expectations to ensure a happy, profitable relationship.


Key Objectives:

  • Project Discovery
  • Establishing Requirements/Needs
  • Develop Project Plan



Designing a website is a team effort. Together, we’ll discuss fonts, colors and other branding pieces that’ll be incorporated throughout the website. Once you approve our design plan, our team will create wireframes (templates) for your review. This process involves various approvals and close communication between you and our creative team. When both parties are completely satisfied with the initial design, we will start the development of your site.


Key Objectives:

  • Branding Selection
  • Template Creation
  • Customer Review/Approval



With the approved design plan as our guide, the development team begins to create your website based on the templates and content that was selected in the design phase. Starting with the Homepage, our developers will move toward interior pages with text content and photos. All sites are built on a development URL for testing and the ability to preview and approved before going live online. Once the initial draft is complete, you’ll have two free revisions. Additional revisions may be purchased after your site is approved and moved live to tweak design elements.


Key Objectives:

  • Initial Coding
  • Testing/Quality Assurance
  • Website Finalization



Website development is a highly iterative process. It is common for parts to be redeveloped several times until we get it exactly right. With the increase of mobile devices, screen sizes, browsers and platforms to support, web development and debugging is more complex than ever. For example, we might discover a billing module doesn’t work exactly as intended across platforms. This would require us to revisit the page goals and design before making coding changes. Luckily, we have advanced tools to help us catch errors and fix bugs.


Key Objectives:

  • Pinpoint Bugs/Errors
  • Patch Security Issues
  • Update Website Code



After a final internal review to ensure that no piece has gone missing and that modern browsers are displaying correctly, we’ll ask you to give your final approval before deploying your new website. Upon your approval, your website will be launched to the web. Making sure your new site launches flawlessly is our ultimate goal. The launch is extremely crucial. Potential customers and visitors will be interacting with your content and navigating through your new website. Rest assured, you chose to work with Lancera.


Key Objectives:

  • Final Review/Approval
  • Website Launch
  • Customer Pass-Off

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